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The problem

Surely you have already noticed that by remembering numbers our brain is struggling. For this very issue we developed the app numember. With it the toilsome cramming and forgetting afterwards comes to an end.

The solution

The app explains easily how you may keep in mind numbers effectively. For this we make use of a technique called the „major system“ which is also used by memory artists. To put it in a nutshell a word is generated out of a number. The generator for such words is also the heart of the app.

In everyday life

You can use numember in daily life to remember PINs, phone numbers or birthdays. But numember also offers great help in school, apprenticeship and doing well in your studies. Whether historical events which are to be learned, physical or chemical constants, articles of a law, heights of mountains, normal lab values or bible verses. No problem at all anymore!

Over 800,000 words

In our numember databases we have a total of more than 800,000 words.

300,000 English words

The numember database contains a total of 300,000 english words.

500,000 German words

If you are located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland the German database with 500,000 words is available for you.


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Become a memory artist and impress friends, relatives and your tutors with a vast number based knowledge!

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