Frequently Asked Questions


- Check your internet connection
- Make sure that you use the correct URL or IP (test it in your browser)
- Make sure that your server is not in the standby mode
- Make sure that you read the information about HTTPS connections

If you still can't set up a connection to your server, contact our support! :)
Normally iServer can't connect to a server through https, when you are using a unverified SSL certificate. To use a https connection anyway, you have to follow this guide. You are doing this by your own risk. The guide is in English and German available.

English Guide
German Guide


The hardware of the Mac Book Pro (late 2012) is too bad for the HiDPI mode. Resolvo can set a resolution of 3840x2160 (4k) on your MacBook, but not in the HiDPI mode. So everything on your display is very small. For 4k HiDPI you need a supported graphic card and a 4k display.
Yes, of course! Resolvo supports max. 16 displays. And you can set for every display a custom resolution.
Yes, Resolvo works fine with macOS 10.13 and and is optimized for this system. You can also download a Version of Resolvo for 0S X 10.8-10.9.


Numember is in Germany, Austria and Switzerland available in German and in the rest of the world in English.
For the absolutely rare case (which has never happened before) that you find a bug in the numember database, you can report it via our contact form. Thank you! :)


The King James Bible is the only Bible version that is free to use and does not require licenses. You can also manually enter a verse in the Bible translation and language of your choice.